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Sureburn Firelighters

Sureburn Firelighters

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Made from renewable and reclaimed waste materials (plantation sawdust and vegetable wax), these Sureburn firelighters are the eco-alternative to conventional firelighters or brickettes. These fire starters contain no petroleum products, hydrochloric acid, formaldehyde or toxic materials, and are made from 100% natural ingredients. They are safe to transport, completely waterproof (because of the wax), meaning they are perfect for camping - doesn't matter if they get wet! Unlike conventional firelighters, they won't make your hands smelly or oily or give off a smell when burning. You can even store them with food and they will not crumble or leave a mess when broken or handled. 


Watch the video to see how they light a fire and compare to the competition.


Product Specifications


Size: Pack of 24

Content: Waste sawdust and vegetable wax

Manufactured: Australia

Environmental qualities: Made from natural and renewable ingredients, including reclaimed waste resources. Non-toxic. Free of petrochemicals.

Certifications: None known View & download certifications

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